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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Entry lists now available

Full entry lists are now available courtesy of our live results provider Ophardt Team Sport Event at

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cadets and Juniors make final preparations in Senior World Cup events

Less than a week before the Cadet and Junior World Championships start in Belfast some of the competitors have been preparing themselves by fencing in recent senior World Cup events.

In women's epee Ricarda Multerer (GER) was the highest placed junior competitor at 12th in last weekend's Souvenir J Nowara World Cup in Luxembourg with Yana Zvereva (RUS) an impressive 3rd in the Moscow Region World Cup in Russia the previous weekend. Both are competing in the Junior women's epee event.

In men's epee no less than five cadets and juniors made the last 64 in the Heidenheimer Pokal World Cup in Germany last weekend. Coming out on top at 41st was Germany's Richard Schmidt with fellow cadet Nikolaus Bodoczi, also from Germany, coming 64th. Ayman Alaa El Din Fayz (EGY), Benjamin Cremer (GER) and Andrei Timoce (ROU) all also made the 64 and will be competing in the junior men's epee in Belfast.

Finally, the women's foilists have also been in action with Shiho Nishioka (JPN) coming 16th in last weekend's Challenge Jeanty Grand Prix, Marseille, France. There was also success for juniors and cadets in the previous weekend's Coupe du Monde in Turin. Italy's Martina Batini finished 8th with cadets Olga Calissi and Alice Volpi finishing 20th and 26th respectively. Both are also from Italy and Volpi is competing in both cadet and junior events in Belfast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Belfast World Champs

Dear All,

On 5th April the Cadet and Junior World Championships start in Belfast. Our very best Cadet and Junior fencers will be taking on the very best fencers in the world. Entries are very high in both the individual and team events.

I do hope as many people as possible will make the efort to visit Belfast and the University of Ulster at Jordanstown to support our British fencers and all of the visiting teams.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belfast 2009 Entry Numbers

We are now able to show the entry numbers for the various events, correct as at 22 March 2009

Cadet Mens' Sabre - 71
Cadet Womens' Foil - 71

Cadet Mens' Epee - 104
Cadet Womens' Sabre - 49

Cadet Mens' Foil - 85
Cadet Womens' Epee - 80

Junior Mens' Sabre - 103
Junior Womens' Foil - 88

Junior Mens' Epee - 149
Junior Womens' Sabre - 77

Junior Mens' Foil - 124
Junior Womens' Epee - 105

Junior Mens' Team Sabre - 22
Junior Womens' Team Foil - 21

Junior Mens' Team Epee - 37
Junior Womens' Team Sabre - 18

Junior Mens' Team Foil - 26
Junior Womens' Team Epee - 23

Total Individual Entries: 1106
Total Team Entries: 147

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The field of play

Thursday, March 12, 2009


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